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Mem because it intrigued me

1. Today is a “free” day what do you do with it?
Read fan fiction, write or watch Doctor Who of course

2. You’ve been gifted $1000 - You have to spend it today and you have to spend it on yourself – what do you buy?
Get a tablet that I can actually write on as well as just be able to read stuff, then if there was anything left I would accessorize it.

3. Think back to a time when you were bullied or you bullied someone else. You just ran into that person – what do you do?
Turn and walk away bullies always get theirs sooner or later..

4. If you could solve only one of the world’s problems – which one would it be?
Cure the sense of entitlement that everyone seems to have lately.  You want something work for it!  Don't just sit on your parts and moan because someone won't give it to you for free.

5. If you could one change thing about yourself, what would you change?

Replace all lousy my genetics with good healthy ones thus getting rid of the allergies, nearsightedness, depression, predisposition to high blood pressure, diabetes etc.
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